Quintessa: The Key of Cybertron

Quintessa in Transformers The Last Knight

For those of you who actually enjoyed the live action Transformers films, I wanted to share a thought with all of you about the continuity of the movieverse plot. Like many fans, I enjoyed the live action franchise, despite there being questions that were left unanswered at the ending of Transformers The Last Knight. One of the most divisive of these is in regards to Quintessa, who she is, and where she comes from. After all, we learned from Optimus Prime in the first live action film that the AllSpark created worlds, and filled them with life, and that was how the Transformers race was born. If that is correct, then someone intelligent was responsible for the creation of the AllSpark. That someone is most likely Quintessa. According to an interview with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (https://www.slashfilm.com/transformers-the-last-knight-credits-scene/) Quintessa is or was at some point human, but if that’s true then what is she now?

To answer that we have to look at the intro to Transformers Age of Extinction, where we are introduced to an armada of alien vessels entering the atmosphere of prehistoric Earth. Here we see them deploying objects which hover above the ground, and are then detonated, turning organic material into molten metal. We also are given a glimpse of these aliens onboard their ship, who are clearly biological entities, with mechanical enhancements. We later learn that these devices Cyber form entire worlds, and the Living Metal is harvested and returned to Cybertron where it used for among other things, to build the Transformers race. Arcam’s Razor dictates that the most reasonable explanation is the correct one, and operating on that theory we can presume that the race of creators visited worlds which were uninhabited by sentient life, and Cyber formed them. I suggest this because in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen we learn that the Thirteen Primes set out to find uninhabited worlds on which to build Star Harvesters.

Cybertronian Star Harvester constructed on ancient Earth

These devices would detonate a local star, capturing it’s plasma and converting it into raw Energon. Doing so was the only way in which they could recharge the AllSpark once it was drained. So unlike the Transformers themselves which rely on liquid Energon which has been processed from the ore, the AllSpark as Ratchet claims in Transformers contains raw power, which cannot be controlled by any Transformer themselves. It leads us to consider then that the Creators used the Thirteen Primes to harvest power for the AllSpark, and set them over the race of Transformers, who were most likely used as laborers to do the creators bidding. The only element that is left in question then is Quintessa, and it is clear from the interview with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura that they have already established a backstory for her. Based on his statement, we can gather that Quintessa was originally a human being from Earth. We can also presume that she most likely survived a Cyber forming mission by the alien race, who captured her and retuned her to Cybertron. There she was studied, and somehow integrated with their own technology, turning her into a life form unlike anything that was previously known.

This transformation gave Quintessa abilities and knowledge that no human would have been capable of having, and thus made her an asset to their race. Quintessa would have eventually learned of Unicron’s existence, and known that in the future that she could not defeat the creators alone. Thus she created for them a race of laborers using the AllSpark, with the intention of having them destroy both the creators and Unicron in the future, leaving only Quintessa to rule over Cybertron. It would become her ultimate act of vengence from being taken from her world, and having it seemingly destroyed. The eventual rise to power of Megatron, and his rebellion of the creators was most likely an uncalculated event for Quintessa, but one that she allowed in order to fulfill her own purpose. Like the Fallen and Vector Prime, Quintessa appears to have the ability to teleport herself through the fabric of time and space, if only over short distances. We could then surmise that she hid herself within Cybertron during the war, most likely surrounded by Autobot guardian knights who were oblivious to her intent.

Those who were escaped before she could kill them. The war ended as the AllSpark was launched into space, and without it Quintessa did not have the power to restore Cybertron on her own, leading to the events in each film. The movieverse plot involved MegatronĀ  recovering the AllSpark, and the Fallen using the Star Harvester to recharge it’s power. They would have then used the AllSpark to revive Sentinel Prime in order to teleport Cybertron to Earth, allowing Quintessa to kill Unicron once and for all. Had Transformers 6 been written, we may very well have seen Unicron’s power harnessed by Quintessa to complete her original goals. This summary has taken me nine years to complete, believe it or not, as I spent hundreds of hours doing research on this subject. I hope that it provides a takeaway for all of the movie verse fans, as well as presenting a closer look at things for those who were critical of the live action films.

Cybertron awaiting 91263 High Quality and Resolution Wallpapers
Cybertron restored and departing Earth







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